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Considerations When Tackling a Bathroom Remodel Las Vegas


Kitchen remodeling in Las Vegas have some of  highest expectations, it even seems that Las Vegas is the Kitchen remodeling capital of the world. Las Vegas kitchens remodeling standards have changed over the years as customers now expect everything from the best appliances to unbelievable architecture, as they should. The kitchen is the focal point of your home and will always be the one thing that will leave a lasting impression. 

Bathroom remodeling in Las Vegas seems to be one of the most requested remodeling projects. It's where most of us are able to get away from it all. So it's very important when we remodel a bathroom that it all comes together as our Las Vegas clients had hoped for. Most bathroom remodeling projects starts with our clients vision and end up as our clients oasis. Every Las Vegas home should have a retreat room lets make it with your next bathroom remodeling project. 

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1. The Budget; First and foremost you need to set a budget for your Las Vegas bathroom remodeling project. Second, you need to stay within that budget. It’s critical that you determine what you’re willing to spend, do a little research to see if your budget is realistic, and pinpoint the two things in your project that are the most important to you. Once you’ve determined your priorities you can start comparison shopping and end up with the bathroom remodel that fits your needs and desires. 

​2. Layout And Functionality; Are you planning on changing the location of the sink or toilet? This can require additional work and is often overlooked when planning a bathroom remodel. It’s imperative that your bathroom remodeling water flow and drainage are up to Las Vegas code book. Moving fixtures can increase the budget and the time line of the project. But if a layout is in need of reconsideration do to accessibility issues it’s important to factor that into your overall plan and budget from the beginning.

​3. Increased Property Value; If you’ll be staying in the home for more than five years than you can make more personal choices in regard to your Las Vegas bathroom remodeling renovations. However, if you're planning on moving soon than you’ll want to consider your budget a little bit more carefully. Most Las Vegas bathroom remodeling will impact your property’s value. Realtors often warn that you should be cautious when it comes to fixtures and colors because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So remember when remodeling your next Las Vegas bathroom make sure you know for who and for how long. 

​4. Aesthetic Appeal; Is your Las Vegas bathroom incredibly outdated? You should determine whether or not it’s visually or functionally outdated before remodeling. Perhaps it’s both? It could be that with a little bit of paint and some new fixtures you’ll be good, but it might need a little bit more. The most important aspect of a Las Vegas bathroom remodel is to know the latest trends. Maybe the tile of your outdated bathroom are orange and we know that's not going to work these days. Become familiar with all the trends and options available to you. Maybe the paint and tiles are the only things that need to be updated and maybe it's just time to start getting your Las Vegas bathroom remodeling going, but either way know all your options. 

​5. Why Do You Want To Undertake This Bathroom Remodel? Las Vegas 

​Are you a new homeowner that wants to bring a horribly outdated bathroom into the current era? You have a reason and that reason will highly motivate the choices you’ll make during this process.

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Whether it's getting your Las Vegas home a new kitchen remodeling project done, or getting your bathroom a new remodeling look, we're here to help you every step of the way. 


 HR Builders has been Remodeling Bathrooms and Kitchens for over twelve  years in Las Vegas, so we really mean it when we say we're here to help you.  As a general contractor we understand the meaning of complete capability needs. What that truly means to us is putting a project together as a whole. So if your Las Vegas kitchen remodeling needs require cabinetry wood work, plumbing, electrical, counter tops for example, we'll get it all done so you don't have to chase many different contractors to get it all completed. 

​We can also do the same things for your next Las Vegas bathroom remodeling project. So whether it's tile work, granite, glass, plumbing, fixtures ect. We'll coordinate the project as well as help you design it to your desire.

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When hiring a Las Vegas kitchen remodeling contractor or a Las Vegas bathroom remodeling contractor you should understand that the Nevada Contractors Board does not give anyone the right to say they are a specialty contractor for kitchens as well as bathrooms. There for you should always ask about that contractors past history work as well as do some good looking into there past work ethics as well as see what kind of work has been done by the contractor who's offering Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling work (You should always look into any contractor or General contractor before hiring them to do any work in Las Vegas).

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1. The Budget; It always starts with the budget, and with doing a kitchen remodel it's no different. Las Vegas has some of the most amazing kitchen remodeling jobs and it seems like every year the consumers are trying to out do themselves so make sure you have a budget in mind that allows you to renovate before you start your amazing kitchen project. 

2. To island or not to island? Kitchen islands have become the most requested additions in Las Vegas when doing a kitchen remodel. There a great place to prepare a meal or gather with friends and family, But today many kitchen islands are also used to store kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, stoves, as well as kitchen sinks. It makes the kitchen a social site. So if you have the space you might consider this in your next Kitchen remodel.

​3. Appliances;  And speaking of building appliances into your island, appliances are a place in your budget that you can either splurge or save during the kitchen remodel project. It almost seems that most Las Vegas kitchen remodeling are done do to consumers wanting amazing appliances. But don't worry if that's what you wish for we have the connections for that as well. 

​4. Backsplash Beauty. Similar to popularity of the kitchen island, backsplashes have become increasingly more popular in kitchen remodels in Las Vegas. Backsplashes are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Tiles and glass are two fashionable choices but vary from homeowner to homeowner. The unique design skills mean the versatility of these materials are endless. But one thing is for sure most people think that adding backsplash to your kitchen remodel is a plus. 

​5. Flooring; flooring is the one thing that is more about your style than current trends. It seems like no two people have the same style when it comes to flooring. Some people like dark colors some people like light colors and of course there's the type of flooring as well;  hardwood, tile, bamboo, concrete, marble and laminate. So make sure when budgeting your Las Vegas kitchen remodel project to have all these things in mind.

Considerations When Tackling a Kitchen Remodel Las Vegas

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Getting a kitchen remodeling contractor in Las Vegas? 

When hiring a Las Vegas remodeling contractor to do your kitchen remodeling you should always make sure of a few things. Does the remodeling contractor or General Contractor have the experience to do your kitchen remodeling, ask to see pictures of bathroom remodeling that where done in the past. How many and what sub-contractors are they going to use on your kitchen remodeling project. Will your Las Vegas remodeling contractor have a kitchen appliance company lined up, in some cases you might not want ordinary appliances on your next kitchen remodeling project. Where will youy cabinetry, flooring and counter tops come from. You always want to here that it's coming from a local Metro Las Vegas distributor ( Go see their showroom ) ''Not all Las Vegas remodeling contractors have our kitchen remodeling experience''.

AS a General Contractors in Las Vegas we want you to know you made the best decision with HR BUILDERS Inc.

You should always feel that the Las Vegas General contractor you choose is the right one for you and it all starts with hiring a licensed General Contractor. So your first step before talking to any of the General Contractors out here in Las Vegas is to make sure they have a license with the Nevada Contractors Board. Here is the link to check licensed contractors . Never fall for anyone who uses another companies Las Vegas General Contractors number. The name should always match and you can also call the phone number to make sure the company is legit. Going to the BBB is also a good way to find out if the General Contractor has any complaints so here's our +A rating link

All General Contractors should be able to show you previous jobs they've done. As a Las Vegas General Contractor we take great pride an all our contracted work and love showing it. And you as a client should know that not all General Contractors are created equal.

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Getting a bathroom remodeling contractor in Las Vegas? 

When hiring a Las Vegas remodeling contractor to do your bathroom remodeling you should always make sure of a few things. Does the remodeling contractor have the experience to do your bathroom remodeling, do they have pictures of bathroom remodeling that where done in the past. What sub-contractors are they going to use on your bathroom remodeling. In most cases Las Vegas contractors or General Contractors will use different companies to do certain parts of the remodeling project. It's also wise to know the remodeling contractors product distributor. In most cases the product distributor will have a showroom floor to show you most of their products allowing you to make a better decision on what's better for you. ''Not all Las Vegas remodeling contractors have our bathroom remodeling experience''.

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