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How To Clean My Solar Energy Panels in Port St Lucie Florida.   

  The first thing that should be noted is that you should always talk to your solar energy panel dealer or the actual manufacturer to make sure that your not damaging or voiding your solar energy panel warranty. Otherwise you could cause a huge amount of damage that is not reversible.

​  The first thing that I found out is that there's many reasons that a solar energy panel system in Port St Lucie could get affected. For one, it rains a lot here and rain can leave hard water marks that can block direct sunlight making the sun less affective. The most important thing to remember is that solar energy panels need to have as little as possible between the sun and the solar panels. I have read that a dirty solar energy panels system in Port St Lucie can loss up to 30% of it's capability in just one year if you don't clean it or take care of it. And remember there are so much more you need to worry about when it comes to keeping your solar energy power system clean like bird droppings, pollen, dust, and fallen leaves. 

  The one thing that could help when your solar energy panels system in Port St Lucie is installed is to make sure it's installed at an angle. This is because it rains so much here that you want the debris and dust to role off as much as possible on its own. An other word let gravity help where it can. 

​  Bird feces on your solar power panels are more harmful than most of your everyday dust. This is because your solar energy panels system that have microinverters can stop indicating the current flow. Making the solar panels notification malfunction (as I understand it). ​I personally like to check my solar system twice a month ( from the ground level) to see if birds have been having a field day on my home. 

  Leaves can also cause blockage to a solar energy power systems, but my solar energy panels in Port Saint Lucie Florida are installed in an angle so it pretty much never going to be a big issue. But in some cases if the leaves dry up on the solar panels it will be needed to be cleaned up. 

​  Pollen can also be an issue for solar energy power systems in Port St Lucie as we have plenty of green here. If you know you're going to install a solar panels system in Port St Lucie you should stop planting certain plants and trees that are going to be close to the system. Just be aware. 

solar power system Port St Lucie

So how do I clean my solar energy power panel system in Port St Lucie

The truth is that I don't personally do it. Getting on your roof is way to dangerous and shouldn't be done by anyone that's not a professional. I hope that you'll reconsider before taking such a risk if you were really thinking of doing it yourself. I personally would call a company like All Good Window Cleaning. And even though solar energy panels in Port St Lucie get dirty all the time, I don't mind the loss of a few percent till the pros come out and bring it back to where it needs to be. 

solar power Port Saint Lucie

But how do the pros clean the solar energy power panels

​The one thing that I read everywhere is that you should never use a power washers. Power washers are way to strong for solar panels, in fact they are way to strong even for car paint so why would you use it on your solar energy panels system in Port Saint Lucie or anywhere else. Solar panels can be washed with delicate soapy water (avoiding harsh chemicals) and a non-abrasive sponge. And you shouldn't scrub to hard. In fact the pros try to delicately move the sponge back and forth till they don't see any marks. The water should be delivered to the roof with a simple hose but they avoid letting the hose be on top of any solar panel. If the solar panels are out of reach they use a soft brush on a squeegee. 

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